We provide an intimate, personal and up close experience with the artist. Come and listen to the stories of the songs and experience the uniqueness of our shows.

Tickets are not sold. We are fully non-profit. We ask you RSVP for your party via email or call. At times we may have an artist we issue tickets in advance for. Those dates will be noted.

Located in Downtown Dallas we are a private concert series that welcomes in singer/songwriters for intimate shows with an audience that wants to listen. Space is limited. We like it that way to keep the experience personal.

Want to Perform?:

Artists interested in performing please email us and include any links to hear your music. Artists that perform are invited to stay in guest room overnight  before or after show. Dinner is provided along with preferred drinks. We invite you to bring any merchandise for sale and all of donations collected go directly to performer. Please click link here for more info on performing for us.

Past Performers:   Tennessee Jet   Drew Kennedy   Johnny Cooper   Brandon Jenkins   Brandon Rhyder   Susan Gibson  

                                            Daphne Willis  Kevin Welch  Colin Gilmore  Brandy Zdan  Bonnie Bishop  Gordie Tentrees

Upcoming Performers:    Kelley McRae  Walt Wilkins   Zac Wilkerson   The Sweet Remains   Sam Riggs